Why Vegas Is About To Get Even Better

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By Chloe

Let’s be honest here. It may be a while before Vegas returns to the all-day, over-packed pool parties and the late nights of dancing on crowded nightclub floors. It’s truly the end of an era in Vegas, but the show will go on and the winner here is you, the client.

Las Vegas is ushering in a new era of unprecedented customer service and personalized entertainment. Yes, Vegas is still a paradise where you can gamble for cheap, day drink and get away from your hometown for a bit. But now, many insiders are expecting big things to come – like cheaper room rates, lower resort fees, lowered parking fees and more intimate small venue options for you to enjoy with more perks for choosing specific hotels. The pools will reopen for day drinking and lounging. However, the super-packed day clubs which include waiting at a bar for 20 minutes to get an overpriced drink will not be back, at least for a bit. Per the Gaming Commission report, all hotel night clubs and day clubs will not be opening when the casinos and hotels initially do. This has prompted the hotel industry to lavish their attention on you, the customer.

Restaurants will open at a lower seating capacity, so less time to wait for your waiter to serve drinks and a meal. Speaking of that, the chefs can now focus on making their menu fabulous, not quick. The higher end restaurants are even discussing in-room dining options and custom dining experiences. And there’s nothing we love more than talking about in-room and custom options! Strip clubs fall under the directive of no nightclubs opening. What could be worse than coming out and not seeing some beautiful Las Vegas strippers? Fear not, we are legally licensed “outcall” strippers who are fully allowed to work and play in your hotel room. We come straight to you and do a full nude show that is so naughty you wouldn’t even be able to see it in the strip club! Gone are the days of being in a dusty old dimly lit club with dozens of girls and even more customers. Not only is it safer and cleaner, it is far more fun to have the personalized experience of in room shows. Hotels are quickly realizing this trend and coming up with new and innovative ways to deliver a memorable time in Vegas.

Custom dining, entertainment and in-room strippers are the wave of the future.

This Vegas, the new Vegas, will be a unique experience from what many might have remembered, but it’s still Vegas. The heart of Vegas never has been the giant venues and the overpriced drinks. It’s about being immersed in an adult fantasy world. A place where time doesn’t exist, but endless frozen margaritas and beautiful Vegas strippers do. It’s about feeling like royalty for your weekend in paradise and maybe even getting lucky and hitting it big in blackjack or a slot machine; or, at least getting a comped meal for betting. That’s the new direction Vegas is heading in. And, you know what? We can’t wait. We’re proud to say we’ve been ahead of the curve, offering the best in-room strip shows since 2014, so the new Vegas is our kind of town. We can’t wait to see you and welcome you to Vegas, the new and improved, more personalized Vegas. We’ll see you when you get here!

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