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When you come to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, a convention or just a vacation, you probably need a break. Our job is to not only entertain you and your party with the hottest strippers in Las Vegas, but also to take off the pressures of dealing with an unfamiliar situation. You may have never booked a private stripper before, and you probably never booked Las Vegas strippers to come to your room for a private show. We understand that it’s stressful to try and figure out which company is real and which is just a scam, or even worse is a front to get into your room to rob you or rip you off. We created our Vegas Bachelor Strippers service specifically to address this issue, and to give our customers the hottest shows in this town. We are different from the rest, and we are really proud of it. So let’s address a few things that make our stripper service better:
Our service is run by strippers. Yes you read that right, we are not a referral service that just gets your booking then refers some freelance stripper to you for a fee. Our service was created by strippers, is owned by strippers, and is run by the strippers you see on the site. We know what you are looking or because we are the ones who are giving it to you. We are the ones answering the phone, the ones taking the pictures you see, and the ones dancing for you. It isn’t going to get any better than that, and you aren’t going to find any other stripper services in Las Vegas that are actually run by the girls themselves.
We don’t use freelance strippers. Our girls all work directly for us, and are the ones that you see on our website. We aren’t taking your booking for one girl to show up, and the person who actually shows up just has the same hair color or body type. When you book a specific stripper from our site, she is the one who will show up and entertain you.
We don’t use fake pictures. You know the fake ones when you see them. You know those girls that are in the pictures on the fliers that guys hand out on the strip aren’t the ones who show up. You know those girls pictured on the side of the rolling billboard trucks aren’t the strippers who are working for you. You know the girls on the cards the taxi drivers give out aren’t real strippers. We are the real deal, and we are not afraid to show our faces on the website. The girl you book is the girl who shows up, and all the pictures on the site are real.
We are licensed and legal. In order to operate a stripper service in Las Vegas, you need an “outcall license.” That means that the city regulates what you can and cannot do in a hotel room or in a private residence. If the girls you hired aren’t carrying sheriff’s cards, then they aren’t legal. If they are prostitutes using private stripping as a way to get into your room, then you can be arrested for hiring them. Very few stripper services in Las Vegas are actually legal. When you hire our girls to entertain you, then you are hiring a professional entertainer and you do not have to worry about getting ripped or or arrested.
We hire the hottest strippers in Las Vegas. There are two ways to work as a stripper in Vegas, you can work in a strip club or you can do private strip shows. Going to a strip club is not going to get the best strippers, because they are splitting their money with the strip club and basically not making as much as they could if they did private shows. We get the best girls because they know they are going to get a lot of work, and that they aren’t going to have to give all of their money to the strip club owner. Our girls love working for us, and as a result we get the hottest strippers in Vegas.
Our girls work hard. We know that we are being hired to entertain you. We know we are being paid to give your guests a great time. We take our job seriously, and you are never going to get that sleepy, bored stripper who does a lousy show. We love what we do, and we love making guys happy. We are going to give you the best show you ever had, and make your Las Vegas trip worth it. You aren’t going to get these kinds of shows back home, take our word for it!

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