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– Aaron from Nevada

“I have to say how impressed I am with the overall experience. To be honest, my friends were visiting from out of town & invited me to tag along. If it had been up to me I would have had a nice bar set up with drinks & such; than again I didn’t book this event so it’s certainly possible it wasn’t supposed to be handled like that. Being in the industry for many years, it’s something that I don’t usually involve myself with. Not because I don’t enjoy it; moreso because for me it’s more of a relaxing environment (nightclubs, strip clubs, etcetera) & I have a lot of lady friends that are entertainers. In this intimate setting there was no escaping it. Please don’t misunderstand. I willfully declined many times until, well, I didn’t. It wasn’t because she was a legit top notch adult Entertainer but because she was genuine. I think that’s an important quality to have in any industry & within any profession. It is something you have or you don’t. My friends hired 3 girls. All of which were nice, & extremely attractive. I only remember two of their names; Adriana aka Carpe Diem (was this little tattoo on the upper right hand corner of her right cheek) & the super adorable, ‘genuine’ & extremely sexy Isabella Nice. Yes of course I knew who she was but that didn’t matter because I’ve worked with so many people in this world that are of high celebrity status & it usually is unfortunate because after working with them I don’t want to listen to their music, read their books, watch their movies, or really want to work with them ever again. This was not the case. It almost made me want to hire them again on the spot for a private showing. Lol. Who knows, maybe I will. Lol. All in all, this Event was extremely well handled on their part & although I didn’t get to book it on my own, Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers delivered. Again, thank you Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, girl I can’t remember her name (sorry), Adriana aka Carpe Diem, & a special thanks to Isabella; the first dance I willfully asked for in close to 20 years. That is a true feat. See you all around town! Cheers”