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I’m Nessi;

How about a little sultry brunette at your next Vegas bachelor party? I am full blooded Italian so I may look tiny but I come into every bachelor party like a firecracker, loud and ready to party. I have been private stripping with the Vegas Bachelor Girls for over 2 years, before that I have worked at all the major strip clubs out here since I was 19, So I absolutely know how to work a crowd and give killer lap dances, I’m very petite so you will definitely see me doing acrobatic tricks with my lap dances and I get crazy flexible with my toy shows. I love all the girls I work with and I am enjoying this side of stripping much more. I have seen some of the nicest guys from all over the world. I have stripped for couples, foreigners, birthdays and even one guy super pumped about his divorce lol. But of course my favorite is the traditional Vegas bachelor party. I am sin city born and raised so you will not find more of a “Vegas Stripper” then me. I am petite, but have a super toned body and curves, I love doing yoga and hiking and even backpacking in new cities. If you are looking for a fun outgoing petite stripper for your bachelor party count me in! I can not wait to meet you in person and entertain your group. P.S I love girls and getting down with a little cutie. I do amazing stripper strap on shows and double ended toy shows shows with my bestie Kim😉


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Reviews featuring Nessi

“Way to go ladies! You really cheered up my brother who just broke things off with his lady. THANK YOU. I knew a trip to Vegas was exactly what he needed, and you girls were the icing on the cake. Fast and professional, showed up 45 min after we called, they actually beat us to our own room. Show was seductive and they brought the singles and music, very easy to arrange. These ladies rock. Nessi and Ellie really impressed us.”
-Jackson, Arizona

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