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I’m Molly;

Hey everyone! It’s Molly, your favorite little petite stripper! I am ultra flexible, I love doing Yoga and it shows. I have been dancing here in Vegas as a stripper for a few years but am newer to In room entertainment. Don’t let that scare you though I am a ton of fun and I enjoy the more intimate side of the shows such as my famous super soapy shower show. I am 5’5 and nature blonde, natural everything to be quite honest. I may look like your good girl next door but invite me over to see just how wild I get.

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Reviews featuring Molly

“Molly and Amber were fantastic, hands down exactly what we asked for. 2 skinny strippers, 1 blonde, 1 brunette. That is exactly what we got and my group couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the great time” -Jordan, California

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