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Hey it’s Lola;

Well hello there, I am Lola, 25 years old Vegas stripper. I have been in the industry for 5 years and love making people smile. I am Irish, Dutch and Cherokee Indian. Most people consider me a hippy, I am always positive, kinky and my favorite thing is Girl Scout cookies, the adult version lol. I may be sweet but I love having my ass smacked. Originally I am from Memphis Tennessee. I love water sports and really anything outside like camping and sports, generally I am always down to have a good time. My favorite part of the night is when the bachelor barks at the kitty, meow! I especially love working with Mia Motolov and Violet! If you think I would be the perfect addition to your party be sure to add me to your list.


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“Lola and Kim are truly heaven, these strippers made sure we had a night to remember!”
-Quintin, Texas


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