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I’m Akira;

Hey there, its Akira ready to report to duty :*) If your looking for some asian persuasion to spice up your party I’m your gal! I am a sinner living in sin city who’s originally from south florida. I’m a 5’3 energizer bunny who’s openminded and bendy if you know what I mean; I love getting wild and teasing the bachelor while keeping the crowd entertained all night. I do ALL the games and specialized shows. I’m even prettier in person, but I guess thats up to you to find out. Remember my name I am a one of a kind entertainer only available through Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. 


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Reviews featuring Akira

“Yes! this is what we needed to spice up the Vegas trip, we came in the post covid era so Vegas was not what we remembered but having these great gals in our room reminded us what Vegas is about, drinking and watching beautiful woman with the college buddies spending some time away from the wives. Akira and Aries were the chosen ones as our bachelor has an asian fetish. They both did an awesome job”
-Jasper Caifornia


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