Why Private Strippers Are Better Than The Strip Club

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By Chloe

When. planning your Las Vegas Bachelor party, you have options, what hotel to stay at, what restaurants to eat at, what attractions to visit and what type of entertainment you want to experience. Keep reading to learn the difference between In room Private Strippers and the Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

Private Strippers Don’t Require You Spend Your Money On Expensive Alcohol.

This may come as a surprise to many of you but strip clubs are not actually in the business of selling time with strippers. Strip clubs are simply bars with their main intent being to sell overpriced alcohol through bottles and mixed drinks, it’s impossible to get a table without at least purchasing multiple bottles with well over a 600 to 900% mark up and if you’re not at a table, well good luck getting many of the higher end strippers to pay you any attention. Management doesn’t care whether you are enjoying your time with the dancers.

Only that you keep purchasing bottles. Take it from the moment you walk into any Las Vegas strip club, there Will be a minimum of a two drink requirement so you have to pre-purchase two drinks before you are even allowed in the club. From there if you want to purchase a table so that you and all your friends can hang out together instead of being scattered throughout the club, well this again is going to come with not only a drink minimum but a bottle minimum this is usually anywhere from $500-$1000 worth of alcohol that you must purchase.

Now say you spot a cute Las Vegas stripper and you want to take her in the back room for a VIP dance… oh wait you’re gonna have to purchase another bottle to even begin the dance. As you can see strip clubs are really bars luring you in with the promise of naked and fun entertainers …but you only get to enjoy them if you purchase their ridiculously overpriced alcohol. Let’s try a different scenario.. you and your buddies reserved an amazing suite in Las Vegas at one of the main hotels the Cosmopolitan Wraparound Suite.

Now this suite is huge, we party in it all the time it’s over 1200 square ft and it has a wrap around balcony overlooking the Bellagio fountains. You and your buddies pick up whatever alcohol and mixers you like for only a fraction of the cost. Heck, you’re in the privacy of your own suite not a public business so why doesn’t your group stop at a dispensary and get whatever else makes you comfortable.

Now you guys have settled into a beautiful suite and have all the alcohol and party necessities that you guys want for way less than you would have spent at the club just to get in…now you get to spend that money on the actual entertainment…the strippers, later that night you and your buddies are enjoying our world famous lap dances on your balcony overlooking the Bellagio fountains after your bachelor just had a wild personalized show.  Hopefully now you can see why your money will go much further because 100% of your budget at this point is going to the strippers and the different entertainment options we offer instead of having to constantly buy bottle service as you move your way up in the strip club.

Private Strippers Offer You A More Intimate Setting.

When you think back on your epic night where we were giving you lap dances over the Bellagio fountains you will remember the amazing show and how intimate it was with The bachelor party being limited to only your closest friends and the strippers.

Believe it or not on your bachelors last night of freedom he doesn’t want to deal with random guys who are overly intoxicated at the strip club or the Promoters constantly coming up to them trying to sell them unnecessary deals at the club, they are enjoying time with their friends before they get married. So why would you open the most intimate part of the bachelor party to all the random guys you’ll be competing with at the strip club.

Our shows take place only in hotels and private homes offering you an intimate experience. Another thing that we offer is our world famous ultra hot toy shows. This is some thing only legal in the privacy of your room even the strip clubs out here cannot offer it, in fact many have to keep their panties on. Being in this intimate setting allows us to show you our most intimate settings LOL.

We love to utilize all parts of your hotel or house and we have created a wide range of adult toy shows, shower shows, private bed shows and more. You get to party with only your closest friends and watch the most intimate shows. Talk about a win-win.

Private Strippers Put On A More Entertaining Show.

Now this is just a fact, strippers at the strip club are trained in 2 things doing pole work from 20 feet away and giving lap dances with their panties on. If you’re a high roller and you purchase a really expensive table the strippers might bring your bachelor up on stage with them for about two minutes to heckle him in front of all the other customers.
With our personalized fantasy shows the bachelor is in the center of the room with us for at least the initial 60 minute fantasy show. Our show is going to range from a personalized trivia game, where we will spank him for every wrong answer to Seductive Titty car washes and kitty magic tricks on his face. We are fully interactive not only with the bachelor but with the entire group of customers as well.
We are hands on full contact and of course fully nude. Plus we prepare for every party. We will bring all the necessities straight to you, including singles, music, speaker systems and all of the props that are needed.
If you’re trying to watch a sports game and drink a few beers sure you could head to the strip club. But if you’re trying to show your bachelor that you want him to have the time of his life and enjoy personalized attention from the hottest Las Vegas strippers this one’s a no-brainer, in room strippers always show more attention then you could ever get at the strip club.

With Private Strippers You Can Choose The Girls You Like.

Strip clubs are hit or miss for your bachelor finding the girl of his dreams and if she is not busy with another customer, there is never an updated roster or a way to preview the girls that might be in on that particular night. With the Las Vegas bachelor strippers you’re able to put together a personalized preference list of your bachelors favorite six dancers.
He can view all of our available entertainers on the choose your strippers page. He can see more hot pics on our gallery page, and of course stay up-to-date by following our Instagram and social media content. It’s never a surprise which strippers will show up for your bachelor party with us! We even have adult stars and famous content creators available for his choosing.

Reviews Of Las Vegas Private Strippers and Las Vegas Strip Clubs

We are proud of our customer satisfaction rate and would like to showcase some of our reviews versus those of the big name strip clubs in Vegas, we also would like to point out we have won the Best Bachelor Party, via the Las Vegas Review journal TWO consecutive years in a row. We went head to head with the big name strip clubs and consistently come out ahead. Now onto the good part Here is some of our google reviews. We hold a 4.8 star average with over 270 reviews. “This was my first time out here in Vegas. Came out for a bachelor party and it was a damn good time. Girls were respectful af and came to have a good time. They did there thing and are very talented. Been to many exotic clubs and for a private this was very enjoyable for everyone. Prices are reasonable and it’s definitely worth it out here in Vegas if you’re with your homies!! Definitely give them a chance and have a GREAT time!!” “Honestly the best bachelor party experience one could ever have! Emily was very sweet, stunning, and had all the right moves. The girls made it very fun and interactive, you definitely won’t be disappointed” “Called the Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers for the bachelor party of my long time friend. Someone else recommended them for this party and said that the show was great! To be completely honest, I think it was WAY better than what he described. The name of the girls were Violet and Becca, not only are they hot, beautiful, and so much fun, but also being really professional. Most of the show they payed extra attention to the groom (as they should) but got me a little jealous I wasn’t him that I had to pay a private dance for myself after the show. Definitely calling them back just for a night of party but now I might specifically request Violet!” Now lets compare some reviews posted on google of the most well knows strip clubs in town starting with Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemens Club. They score an average of just 2.4 stars with over 680 reviews. “I went here last week and was robbed by the workers and management just covers for them. Place is a joke! Don’t even waste your time going their. They take your card and charge whatever they want on it for things you did not buy. After reading reviews on this place it’s amazing how they are not shut down yet!” “This place is a rip off. I spent $200 just for a 2 song lap dance and the girl didn’t even take her clothes off. Plus they force you to buy drinks for the girls which is another $120.” “Complete BS. NEED to KNOW this BEFORE you GO 1. $50 dollars to go in. 2. Beer is $26 3. Don’t give the girls any cash if you get a private. The private is not $ 200 like they say at the beginning. 4. If you go to a private, you are forced to pay $180 for a tiny champagne that taste really bad. Plus 20% tip. 5. In the private, they charge $40 for a more private chair. 6. In the private, they ask tip for the dancer additional to the dance, tip for the guy the brings the check and everything turns into $600. Not including the champagne.” Another well known Strip club is Spearmint Rhino Gentlemens Club This strip club scores an average star rating of 3.1 with over 370 reviews. “Make sure you haven’t had/plan to have more than a drink or two because this place will literally rob you. I asked for change for $100… I never saw the change nor the girl who took it again and couldn’t even get assistance with this. Don’t even consider handing them a credit card. You’ll end up with a $500, 30-second “lap dance”. Don’t order food either, it won’t show up, but you’ll pay for it anyway.” “Be sure to only pay cash and you’ll need plenty of it. If you give them a card they will charges hundreds and hundreds of dollars to your card till you cancel it. They pull a scam where there atm doesn’t work, then they have you call your bank to have the fraud monitoring removed, and then they charge you pay and over again. Had a two hundred dollar charge I had to dispute and then later they tried for another four hundred but I had luckily already canceled the card. They also try to get you to use more than one card, got my friend on both accounts.” “I hated my experience here for a number of reasons. TL;DR Ugly girls, rude and very pushy, it’s so dark in there, you could use it as a darkroom to develop photos. I felt stupid and ripped off when I walked out. I’m budget conscious so I walked in with the expectation to not spend that much. My mistake, I will admit; don’t walk in if you are a money saver. I was quoted $1000 for a one-hour lap-dance. Not that I asked for that, they just told me that’s what it was gonna be. Once the girls realized this, they were awfully rude and pushy at first, then asked for $20 just for “hanging out”. Maybe that’s normal??? Then I was left alone and ignored, which was fine with me at that point. I was so turned off from that, I just wanted to get out of there. FAST. So basically I paid $20 to have a 10 minute conversation with two girls about kidnapping and roofying me. Very original and classy… No contact. I feel like I was scammed.” There are SO many more reasons why private strippers are better then any club experience  you could have in Las Vegas, we could talk about it for days, as high quality entertainment is our PASSION, But you really must experience it for yourself to be TRULY convinced. Call or text the Las Vegas bachelor strippers today and you could be the next satisfied customer writing a glowing review. You may also enjoy                                                                                                                 In-Room Entertainment from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers 101

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