Ultimate Guide to Couples Strip Shows in Las Vegas

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By Chloe

Las Vegas is arguably one of the most romantic places in the world. There’s a reason we’re home to drive-thru wedding chapels. Something about Vegas just pushes you to fall in love (or at least lust.)  So, it only makes sense that coming to Vegas as a couple can be a fun way to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary or any time you want a little sexy couples time. An in-room strip show for couples can be a great way to spice things up.

Couples Dates at the Strip Club

Sooner or later the topic’s going to come up from one of you. We can hear the question now (we’ve heard it before), “Honey, do you want to go the strip club?” After all, Vegas is known for strippers and everyone knows getting a lap dance is a great way to loosen up and have fun as a couple, or they should if they’re paying attention!

However, many people (we find woman in particular) don’t enjoy the strip clubs as much. Cigarette smoke blowing around, large rambunctious crowds, super loud music and Vegas strippers that can be overly “money motivated”. Believe us, we’ve seen our fair share of couples fighting in the strip club. There’s no need for your romantic night to be spoiled by situations out of your control.

In-Room Strip Shows for Couples

In-room hotel strippers, like the girls from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, may be the perfect solution to having a fun, sexy night without unnecessary drama. You and your partner can pick what girl you’d like from our “Choose Your Strippers” page.

Get 1,2 or even 3 hot girls sent directly to your hotel room. We can discuss if you want full-on raunchy, subtle subduction, or somewhere in-between. Sorry guys, rule of thumb here is we ALWAYS go with the female’s preference level.

What a Couples Strip Show in Las Vegas will Look Like

We recommend you order a nice bottle of champagne and relax until we arrive. Just slip into something comfy and prepare for all the fun. Once inside, we’ll play some “ice breaker” adult games. It’s a fun way for us to get to know each other. Of course, the entertainer of your choice will be in lingerie or nude (again female preference) while getting to know you as a couple. Then you’ll have your choice of the raunchy or subtle show.

Either a wild toy show (lesbian show included if getting multiple strippers) or a more subtle, yet sensual, striptease with a bed dance for you to enjoy together. If your hotel room has a nice jacuzzi or shower we can also venture in there together. The show’s never over until you say so. We’ve got unlimited time for you to tip the stripper and the shows can go long past the initial package time. So, enjoy yourself!

All of our shows are customizable but, without exception, our couple shows have the most variants. Often it is the couple’s first time to experience a strip show and we make sure it is absolutely perfect. From the ambiance, the music, the handpicked entertainer and the show itself, we make sure you both are happy and comfortable the entire time. To see pricing and read more, head over to our “Party Package” page to see the couples show options.

The Best Part of a Couples Strip Show

Oh, and the VERY BEST part of hiring in-room strippers compared to going out to the strip club is you get to stay in the comfort of your room even after we leave. Almost always when the show is over the couple is rushing us to leave because they can’t keep their hands off each other for one more second. It’s a buzzkill to have to leave the strip club, find a ride and walk back to your room. But, not with our shows. We’ll do all the hard work to get to you. You just sit back and enjoy!

Your perfect Las Vegas date night is ready and waiting so be sure to give us a call to book or with any questions.


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