How to Stay Safe When Hiring Private Strippers

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By Chloe

When it comes to hiring private strippers, we KNOW how important being safe and discreet is to our clients, so we implement numerous safety precautions to keep you as safe as possible.

We Keep Your Data Safe

One of the most important aspects of protecting your privacy is protecting your data. We want to ensure all of your personal information is safe and we do not reach out with communications in order to protect your privacy.

We Don’t Store Your Data

First we never store any of your info, phone numbers, names, email and room numbers are all deleted after your event is over.

We Don’t Send Out Communications

We want your plans to stay private and discreet, so Instead of constantly sending out marketing materials, we leave it up to you to stay in touch with us, and we encourage our clients to follow us on our social media, in order to stay up to date with our latest specials and upcoming events.

Our Dancers Will Not Contact You

You will never be contacted by one of our private strippers after your event unless you reach out first.

In addition to protecting your personal data and privacy, we strive for the best possible safety regarding cleanliness and health as well.

Health Related Safety Measures


COVID-19 Safety Measures

Safety for ourselves and our clients has always been at the forefront of our mind. Typically, we went along with our safety protocols without much client awareness as we wanted our clients to be engulfed in a fantasy world.

However, with the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we are aware that safety is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind so we want to go over the protocols we have ALWAYS implemented so that our potential clients can feel safe when booking.

Fake Bills for Intimate Games

We use (and provide) fake money bills for some of our more intimate adult games so we do not get germs on us or our clients that would possibly carry on real bills.

Hand Washing

We wash our hands before and after every party, and after counting any money.

Clean Outfits and Toys

We carry multiple sets of lingerie and while we may change a few times in your party we never wear the same outfit to multiple parties before it’s washed again, never bringing in potential germs from our previous events.

All of our toys are rotated, and we use high end toy cleaners. We carry fresh sheets that we lay down on your hotel (or house) floor. This is so we do not make any messes on the hotel floor and also to protect ourselves from the floor. (And your bachelor as he will be on the floor with us for much of the show.) Of course, we rotate these between parties, so every client is laying on a fresh sheet.

Clean Dancers

All of us dancers shower and get ready for the night just hours before our first event, though I am sure you wouldn’t want any dancers who don’t follow that routine.

We take these precautions because our private strippers perform in a fully nude, high contact type of entertainment. We do not plan on only offering “air dances” or not allowing touching which we hear rumors about our competitors doing.


In Conclusion

We are working to make sure our clients have the ultimate experience while keeping everyone as safe as possible. We are a small tight knit group of dancers, compare this to the hundreds of dancers who work at the strip clubs at any given night, dancing on the same pole and giving lap dances from customer to customer.

Partying the safety and privacy of your own room with private strippers who prepared specifically for your group is infinitely safer (and more FUN!) than anything the strip clubs have to offer. Contact us today and we’ll plan the party of a lifetime.


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