How to Hire Strippers in Las Vegas

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By Chloe

So, you have been tasked with hiring the Very Best Las Vegas Strippers, awesome! It is a responsibility one can’t take lightly. Usually, this person is the bachelor’s best man, a good friend planning a birthday surprise or even the guy everyone in the friends group looks up to, to coordinate the vacation.

This decision can lead to one of the sexiest and most epic nights of your life, orrrrr be a total let down. That’s why its SUPER important to research Las Vegas Strippers and do your homework before hiring. Luckily you have come to the right place, we will break down everything you need to know. From how to do your research to ensure you are hiring the right strippers all the way though completing the reservation.

How to Hire Strippers Step 1: Research Research Research:

The absolute worst buzz kill for any Las Vegas vacation is hiring the wrong group of strippers. Best case scenario, they don’t look like their pics, are not attractive, or perhaps just not fun or entertaining, however in the worst-case scenario you hire strippers who steal; or are not licensed and security gets alerted to them. Bottom line is you have to do research.

You are going to want to look for a handful of credentials when hiring. Make sure the company is licensed. A Nevada State business license is mandatory, but it is not enough on its own accord. Many agencies claim they are licensed just for possessing a Nevada State business license, but what is extremely necessary is a Clark County Outcall Entertainment license. Directly from the Municipal Clark County website it states “ Ordinance 6.140.050 – Entertainer work permit required.

“It is unlawful for an entertainer to work as an entertainer or perform an entertainer function in the unincorporated areas of Clark County without first obtaining an outcall entertainer work permit.” You can ask them for proof of their licensing, but it is always a good idea to look it up yourself. Head to Clark County License Verification and search for the business name (ours is Las Vegas Bachelor Girls LLC)

PRO TIP: Make sure the phone number listed under the online license matches who you have been talking to. We have heard of other agencies impersonating our name to swindle clients into believe they are licensed.

Another important factor is customer satisfaction, read over any reviews you can find. There are multiple sites that offer stripper reviews, but the gold standard is true google customer reviews. Simply google the agencies name to see what real customers have to say about them. Also look for any publications or awards featuring them.

Once you trust that you have found a safe and legitimate entertainment agency to hire your strippers from the next thing you want to ensure is that they use real pictures of their strippers. Most agencies use bait and switch photos, an easy way to tell is if the entertainers have photos together. You can head to our “choose your strippers” for individual pics of the entertainers or our “gallery” page to see pictures of them together.

Also pay attention to the background, are the images taken inside casinos, even inside hotel rooms? Bonus if they have social media. Look for frequent social media presence, videos, reels and lives to ensure the dancers you see on screen will be the dancers showing up to party in your Las Vegas hotel room.

How to Order Strippers: Easy No Hassle Booking

We can’t speak for other agencies, but this is our no hassle booking process.

Pick the “party package” you would like, feel free to call us and we can help walk you through which package would be great for your party. Packages range from 2-6 Las Vegas strippers. Remember all upgraded packages come with a free Full Vegas Fantasy Show, so go ahead and splurge!

Next you are going to put together your preferred list, you can view all our strippers at “choose your strippers” we ask for 6-9 names of your favorite entertainers. From there we create a super compatible group who will give your party a fantastic show with their intimate chemistry. Alternatively, you can simply notate the types of dancers, or group of dancers you party wants.

You can call, or text us at (702) 826-8500 to make the reservation, we ask for just a few basic details so please have ready; your name, date & time, location and approximate number of guests along with the party package and preferred list, we also have online booking via the party packages page. NO DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CARD needed.

We hold your reservation and ask for cash the night of. If an agency asks for your bank info over the phone….run! You will immediately receive a confirmation of your reservation and then we call again on the day of the event to re confirm the last minute details.

With this information you are ready to Hire the very best Las Vegas Strippers and have a wild night.

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