How to Find a Stripper for a Private Party or Bachelor Party

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By Chloe

Have you ever wondered how to find a stripper for a private party or a bachelor party and didn’t know how to go about it? In this post, we will give you the information and advice you need to get started on the process of hiring some fine women to perform at your next event.

How to Find a Stripper for a Private Event

Search Online

How to Find Strippers on Google

One of the best ways to find female strippers for hire for your bachelor party is to search Google for “strippers” or “bachelor party strippers‘. Or if you are having the bachelor party in a city like Las Vegas for example, then you can search something like “Bachelor Party Strippers Las Vegas”.

This may be your best bet because there may be adult entertainment agencies online that manage strippers. You just want to make sure and do your due diligence and read through the reviews to make sure they are exotic dancers that seem legitimate and have good and real customer reviews. Be careful, a strippers business listing with only a few reviews and a very high rating may have achieved this with fake reviews so it’s important to use your best judgement.

Another thing you can do is visit the website of the search results for your web search like “strippers near me” for example. This will give you the opportunity to further examine their business and determine if they are credible and trustworthy.

Sometimes the stripper world can be sketchy and difficult to navigate, which is why you need to be careful when looking to hire strippers.


How to Find Strippers on Craigslist

You might be able to fins strippers on the popular website You would simply visit the website and search around the proper categories looking for private strippers. However this is not the most desirable way to find strippers for multiple reasons.

First, Craigslist is known to be rife with scams, you may get ripped off entirely, have a stripper show up that doesn’t match the person in the images you saw online, or worse you could be putting yourself in danger.

Ideally, it would be preferable to work with vetted strippers for your private show so you can ensure you don’t get ripped off, ensure everyones safety, and ensure a very special occasion doesn’t end in disaster.


Inquire at Local Strip Clubs

Many cities that are smaller and more conservative may not have exotic dancing services business listed in Google search, this is where you may need to get a little creative.

One way you may be able to find strippers for your party is to call or visit local gentlemen’s clubs, or strip clubs and ask around. Speak with the dancers or the strip club manager and ask them if they know of any strippers that perform at private parties or bachelor parties.

The downside of this however is that strip club dancers are often different than private strippers in that they are used to performing on stage and being closely watched over by management.

The best private party strippers are experts in working with large groups of men in a private setting, they will be more comfortable and professional in the environment, and most likely they will put on a much more entertaining and wild exotic entertainment that will include bachelor humiliation, party games, girl on girl, and out of this world party packages and strip shows that will far exceed a traditional lap dance or topless female strippers at the club.

Private strippers are preferred if you are looking for an exciting and memorable experience from an experienced and professional entertainer.


Ask Around Locally

Another way you may be able to find female strippers for your stag party is just ask friends, family and people in your area.

This is good because you will get recommendations based on how good people’s experience has been with strippers, however you will need to tread carefully here.

The first problem you can run into is if you ask the wrong person, they may judge you for inquiring about something that they aren’t comfortable with. They may cast judgement on you which is something you don’t want.

The second problem you may run into is you don’t want to ask someone who will inadvertently ruin the surprise for the bachelor. You’ll want to make sure the strippers stays somewhat secret only because even if he has a hunch you will be hiring strippers, it will always be more fun and exciting not to reveal everything to the man of honor. So ask people you trust and make sure to let them know that this element of the bachelor party is a secret.

The third problem you want to avoid is you do NOT want the bride to be to catch wind of the fact that you will be hiring strippers for the bachelor party. She may be uncomfortable with the idea, and you want to pull off a successful bachelor party without any issues. It’s better to be on the safe side. And even if the party is all in good fun, the less she knows and the less she hears about it, the better. It is the bachelor’s responsibility to communicate and information about the bachelor party to his soon to be wife, not yours.


Finding a Stripper to Hire Checklist

Here are a few key points when it comes to hiring a stripper for your private event.

  • Look for signs of a legitimate business
  • Check online customer reviews and make sure the reviews seem legit
  • Ideally you want strippers properly licensed in their state if required
  • If looking on less trustworthy sites like craigslist, be careful
  • If a different girl shows up than advertised, don’t do business with them
  • Trust your gut, if the situation seems sketchy it probably is
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How to Find a Stripper for a Bachelor Party You Will Never Forget

There you have it, a few great ways to find private strippers for your special event or a friend’s bachelor party. If you follow this advice you should be well on your way to planning an epic bachelor party with incredible female dancers that you will remember forever.

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