How to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Stripper in Las Vegas

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By Chloe

Authors note: You will NEVER get scammed by our company, we are stripper owned, registered and licensed with the State of Nevada. We are a legitimate entertainment agency that provides the hottest female private strippers for the ultimate Sin City entertainment experience. However, getting scammed by SHADY unlicensed random people off the street when looking to hire a stripper is a common occurrence, and in this post we will share with you everything you need to know about how to STAY SAFE and protect yourself and your money when hiring a private stripper in Las Vegas.

When planning a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, birthday party or even just a guys’ night you might ask yourself where can I find some beautiful Private Strippers in Las Vegas? Well, we are here to help you! Two ways to see beautiful strippers is through private strippers performing in-room shows, such as ourselves or at the Las Vegas strip clubs. We will teach you all about how to find the hottest and most legitimate Las Vegas strippers and the differences between the two options.

Avoid the Bait and Switch: A Common Scam When Looking for Strippers in Las Vegas

When deciding to go with the in room shows such as ourselves there are a few key factors if you want to look for when browsing through websites of Las Vegas Strippers. One of the biggest scams to watch for is going to be what is called a bait and switch tactic. Many agencies will lure you in with pictures of beautiful women but what entertainment shows up to your room is anything but beautiful (and we’ve heard horror stories where many aren’t even women.) You will want to look at the pictures of the entertainers and make sure they look legitimate. Do the entertainers have pictures together? Are the Las Vegas Strippers photographed in and around the strip? Do they show photos inside hotel rooms where your show will take place? Are they active and current on their social media?

Book Your Strippers with a Trustworthy Agency

Besides the quality of the entertainers you will want to verify the safety of the agency you book through. Is the agency fully licensed? Not just with a business license but the important requirement here is a Clark County outcall license, here is an easy way to search for the name of the business to see their licensing credentials: Go to: and if they aren’t listed… run.

Check for Real Customer Reviews

Finally, you want to see what other customers are saying, are other customers having a good time with the Las Vegas strippers? Are their shows epic yet fairly priced? Do a search of the business name on Google to check if there are REAL reviews or publications featuring them. To view our Google reviews click here. and to verify our multiple best of Vegas publications wins click here.

Strippers vs. Strip Clubs

Finally, you will want to make sure the type of show and services you are looking to enjoy is offered, bachelor shows, ring toss, lap dances, private dances, shower shows and especially toy shows are options to consider. Strip clubs are not allowed to perform toy shows but private in-room strippers have the legal go ahead to do so, if that is something you were interested in make sure your agency specializes in them.

What to Expect Las Vegas Strip Clubs

When choosing to see strippers at the Las Vegas strip clubs there are a few things you need to choose from. The first thing to understand is the strip clubs are not allowed to be fully nude if they also serve alcohol so at this point you need to make a choice, would you rather see topless only but have alcohol or would you rather enjoy fully nude strippers but drink soda all night. (Remember you never have to choose this with the private in room strippers). The next thing you want to find out is the clubs drink minimum, or a table minimum. Most clubs will advertise deals such as free entry or free tables. However, when you show up they clarify yes, entry is free but you are required to pre-purchase a certain amount of drink tickets (even at the non-alcoholic venues) or a bottle for the table. You will also be required to purchase an additional bottle if you want to spend time in VIP with one of the Strippers. Again, just like with private strippers check out their reviews, a quick Google search of the name will also give you insight to previous customers experiences. If celebrating a bachelor party you could inquire about their specials or if they even offer anything customizable for the Bachelor, however in large clubs this is usually with a very high price point.

What to Avoid When Looking to Hire Strippers

Finally, in order to avoid scams or other nefarious activities, let’s talk about where NOT to hire Las Vegas Strippers from.


Online or print classifieds such as craigslist, Backpage etc. are absolutely not the place to find Strippers, these platforms are an easy way for sex traffickers and illegal agencies to advertise.


You will also be bombarded when walking the Las Vegas strip with card flickers handing out small business cards and flyers with pictures of beautiful women that can “come to you in 30 minutes” these card flickers are known for being associated with pimps and illegal services and always using bait and switch pictures. They advertise on little cards because it is easy to print new ones with a new phone number after their first “business operation” gets shut down. Also, this one just takes a little bit of critical thinking… if you were walking the strip late on a Saturday night and a card Flicker hands you a photo of a gorgeous blonde who can be to your room in 30 minutes you have to ask yourself what quality of strippers are just waiting around on a Saturday night instead of already being booked up. This is why our final piece of advice is not about where to book the Las Vegas strippers but how to book the strippers and that is…IN ADVANCE.

It’s Best to Book Strippers in Advance

Whether you’re choosing private Las Vegas Strippers or the strip clubs make sure to make a reservation at least 24 to 48 hours in advance, ideally even weeks prior to ensure Your party gets the ultimate Las Vegas stripper experience. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers® is the #1 source for the most gorgeous girls, the most trustworthy agency, and the BEST OVERALL EXPERIENCE when it comes to hiring strippers. We have hot shows and have won multiple awards for our gold standard bachelor party entertainment. To book call (702) 826-8500. We look forward to seeing you!

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