Your Vegas Bachelor Party: How It Works in 5 Steps

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By Chloe

A Las Vegas Bachelor Stripper party (Click here to go to the bachelor parties page) is the wildest, craziest bachelor party you can find in the US – no matter how hard you look. With the hottest women in Sin City who take bachelor party entertainment to a whole new level, we’re the party place for those looking to give their bachelor buddy a night the entire party will never forget. And by never forget we mean tell the story again and again to all who’ll listen because the night, well, the night was just that incredible! So how does a Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers party work, you’re wondering? That’s easy and we’ve laid it all out for you below!

Step #1: Get the Guests to Vegas

Of course, you can’t have a Las Vegas bachelor party with the wildest strippers in Vegas in your room in any place other than Sin City. It’s where you want to be and where our girls can take you on an adventure you’ll never, ever want to end. But before the fun begins, you need to book a flight or rent a car with Las Vegas as the destination. Our beautiful girls don’t care how you get here so long as you’re here and ready for a hot, sexy bachelor party experience at the time you book for them to arrive. So run, drive or fly down to Vegas when the time is right and our strippers will do the rest!

Step #2: Choose A Bachelor Party Package

Whether you book your party before you arrive in Las Vegas – our recommendation as the stripper you want may be unavailable if you wait until the last minute – or call as soon as you get here, you’ll need to select which hot bachelor party package you want to enjoy. We have everything you can dream of and some things so naughty that perhaps you never have. Even better for our strippers as they get to help you celebrate your bachelor’s big day and show him something he may never see again in real life. We’re talking Kinky Lesbian Shows, WAP Oil Shows, Strap-On Shows and more. We even have Solo & Couples Shows for those in town without a party!

Step #3: Choose Your Favorite Strippers

When you choose Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers as your bachelor party entertainment, you’ll get the exact same strippers you see in our images. None of our images are fake. These ladies are the real deal and you’ll recognize them when they walk through your hotel room door. No other stripper company in Vegas can say the same, so do the right thing for your bachelor and his bachelor party. Choose your own strippers so there’s nothing but smiles when the party starts! All of our beautiful women have licenses and Sheriff’s Cards to legally work in the casinos across the city, so you’ll have an amazing time with amazing girls – girls you chose yourself – and it’s all completely and totally legal – safe too!

Step #4: Book Your Bachelor Party Package

Now that you’ve found the strippers that you want to party with, it’s time to select the bachelor party package you want to see during their time with you. There are a ton of options to choose from and each one is as hot and wild as any you can book in Vegas. Seriously, you can see Kinky Lesbians play together, Slippery When Wet action or our bestseller – the Ultra-Hot XXX Toy Show! All will give you an experience you won’t find anywhere else in America and all in the safety of your hotel room – no need to go out to a dingy club and bump into strangers all night. Instead hang out with our strippers who won’t be strangers for long!

Step #5: Enjoy Yourself Wholeheartedly

That’s what Las Vegas is all about – having a blast with no care for the real world. So, what better fantasy to fulfill for your bachelor buddy than a room full of hot strippers ready to show him things that’s he’ll be smiling about for years to come. If this is his last night of freedom, and you guys want real fun in Sin City, then a wild and naughty bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only way to go. Call (702) 826-8500 or submit a contact form to start planning your bachelor party today!

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