Top 3 Bachelor Party Pool Days in Las Vegas

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By Chloe

Let’s set the stage, shall we? You’ve spent weeks planning your big trip to Las Vegas to celebrate your buddy’s bachelor party. You’ve lined up your airfare and found the perfect hotel for your hot in-room entertainment courtesy of the ladies from Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers. Of course, the hot bachelor party package you’ve picked out, as well as the strippers you’ve chosen specifically to be there, are the main attraction but you’re going to have some time on your hands before the big night – especially if you’re in Las Vegas for the weekend.

Now, how can a bunch of friends spend a day in Las Vegas? There are honestly too many answers to that question as fun is what Vegas is all about. But we have an idea that just might surprise you. After all, you’d expect us to say go gamble your money away and have a blast. Not so fast! If you want to have a wild time before the bachelor party then the pools of Las Vegas are where it’s at. Let’s look at our Top 3 pools where the party is always on!

The Encore Beach Club Pools

If you’re looking for an incredible time – whether in the water or out – then the Encore Beach Club is where you’ll find it. With a variety of pools to choose from – it’s three-tiered action here! – you’re sure to find a spot that’s right up your alley; a spot where you can get energized for the bachelor party to come later that evening or whenever you’re ready to enjoy the hottest bachelor party show in Las Vegas. Oh, did we mention that this hotel pool has resident DJs during the summer months banging out beats while the beautiful people dance and swim all day and all night long. Find pool and event facts here!

The Mandalay Bay Beach Pools

Okay, so we really shouldn’t call this one a pool. It’s more like a resort from the Bahamas dropped right in the middle of the Strip. It’s a metropolis of water with every pool imaginable available, so no matter what you like it’s sure to be found among the acres and acres of watery delights. It’s got music, drinks, crazy water features and much, much more. And that doesn’t even include the thousands of people all having as much fun as the law allows. There’s no better place to prepare yourself and your friends for the bachelor party package that’s to follow. So, get some sun and get ready for the most incredible night of debauchery Las Vegas has to offer! You can find out more about the pools here.

The Pools at the Park MGM

While a bit more chill than the other entries on our list, this hotel pool complex offers everything you could ever want in a relaxing day in or out of the water. Great food, a live DJ or just a private cabana for you and your bachelor party guests. You can’t go wrong at the Park MGM pools and that’s just the warmup. The big night is still to come where you’ll all get to experience a hot, sexy show from the most incredible strippers in Las Vegas – in your room and turned up to 11. So, start your day at the pools at the Park MGM and finish in your room with the hottest strippers in Sin City! Check out pool details here.

Get Some Sun & Get Ready to Party

Remember, you’re in Las Vegas to make a memory that none of you will ever forget. Our strippers will take care of the entertainment – the wildest entertainment in Vegas – but you have to take care of the rest of the time you’re in town. We recommend a relaxing day at the pool to get ready for a night that’s sure to blow everyone out of the water. Believe it when we say that the pool is the best way to keep cool while you’re thinking about the incredibly hot strippers you’ve booked for the show. Haven’t booked them yet? No problem – just make the call to (702) 826-8500 or fill out a contact form and we’ll help you select the right party for your bachelor!

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