The Perfect Bachelor Party: 24 Hours in Las Vegas

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By Chloe

Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers has been the hottest bachelor party ticket in Sin City for years, so who better than to give you advice on how to spend you big day in town? No one, that’s who. Let’s take a look at the perfect 24-hour bachelor party day that awaits you and your buddies – not to mention the groom-to-be – culminating with a hot bachelor party package from the strippers at las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. Haven’t signed up for a package yet? No problem – just check out what’s on tap and give us a call at (702) 826-8500!

Again, this advice is solid gold coming from the wildest strippers in Las Vegas, so you know the spots will be jumping and the entertainment right up your alley. That goes for everyone from those looking to get crazy and those looking to do Vegas right. We’ll begin where every bachelor should on his big day – with breakfast!

Have A Las Vegas-Style Breakfast

When you wake up on the day of the bachelor party, you’re going to need sustenance to make it through the next 24 hours. After all, you’re going to want to have all your energy when the strippers arrive for your big bachelor party in-room show. That goes doubly so for the bachelor as it’s his night and he gets tons of special attention – just as it should be. Don’t worry though because everybody’s going to have their chance to enjoy the night – guaranteed! Now, for breakfast we recommend going for a pancake unlike any you’ve had before at Hash House a Go-Go at the LINQ. Seriously, the plates are huge so bring your appetite and save room for dessert. The strippers you selected will be serving that latter tonight!

After Breakfast You Should Head To A Pool

While it really doesn’t matter which pool you choose, your hotel’s would be fine, we would recommend finding one that’s more than your average hole in the ground filled with water. The best pools in town can be found at a range of hotels but the Mandalay Bay Beach is probably the biggest and offers everything you and your friends could ask for – from bars to DJs and lots and lots of skin. Well, not nearly as much as you’ll see during the hottest in-room stripper shows in Las Vegas but it’s a start. Don’t get burned though because you’re going to want a lap dance or three before the night’s over. We can pretty much guarantee that!

Okay, It’s Vegas. Time To Gamble!

No matter which casino you step into, or what game you choose to play, none of them will be as exciting or as rewarding as the games the strippers play during our hot and steamy shows. That’s a fact. But, hey, it’s Vegas so you’ve got to at least play a hand or pull a slot. We’d recommend keeping your money for the better games that are part of the bachelor party package you chose but you can throw a few bucks at whatever strikes your fancy. Just remember that our strippers are sure to strike it more! So, if you want to gamble just do it at your hotel where you’re going to get comps for your rooms and stay. That’s doing Vegas right and getting out without losing your shirt. Let our girls do that!

Get Dinner To Fuel Up Before The Fun Starts

You’re going to need all your strength to keep up with the strippers from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers so go out and get some dinner to celebrate the bachelor’s big night. We recommend heading to a place that you can’t find anywhere else – like the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. This incredible eatery is located on the 11th floor of the Eiffel Tower replica and offers views you’ll find nowhere else. This is a great place to watch the sun set and the lights ignite across the Strip. So, make a reservation and then high-tail it back to your room for the wildest stripper show in all of Las Vegas – from Kinky Lesbian Shows to WAP Hot Oil Shows. We’ve got it all and you’ll want every bit of it!

Get Ready For The Ultimate Bachelor Party

That covers it! You just spent the most amazing day and night in Las Vegas and topped it all off with a memory that you, the guests and, most importantly, the bachelor will be talking about for years afterward. That’s a sure thing and so is our place as the #1 Bachelor Party Strippers in Las Vegas. Check out our strippers, our available bachelor party packages and then make the call to (702) 826-8500 to book the perfect bachelor party with the strippers who never fail to deliver. You can also submit a contact form and we’ll call you directly!

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