Pitching In Makes A Party

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By Chloe

One of the biggest misconceptions about throwing a bachelor party (Click here to visit our bachelor party strippers page) for your friend or relative in Las Vegas is the expense it brings that would otherwise be avoided by simply doing what everyone does and going to some small-time strip club that many of you have been to before. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the exciting world-class entertainment? What kind of “once-in-a-lifetime” or “memory you’ll never forget” experience can be found in some townie strip joint? The short answer – none. So, why not think about a Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers bachelor party package in the heart of Sin City instead?

Think about it. You’re going to have how many guys at this affair? No matter where it is you’re going to have 4-8 people who want to come. And that makes paying for a hot bachelor party package a simple exercise of divide and conquer. Let’s take a look at some of the costs associated with a legit “once-in-a-lifetime” bachelor party package in your hotel room from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – home of the hottest women on the planet!

Buying Airline Tickets

Okay, the first thing you need to do is get your bachelor and all of the guests to Las Vegas for the evening. Without even taking more than a minute to search, you can find incredibly cheap tickets for a weekend getaway from anywhere in North America, so that’s not an issue whatsoever. If you plan ahead, and let’s be honest here and say most guys will have some lead time before they get married, you can find tickets for a few hundred dollars round trip and that’s easy money for something as important as your buddy’s bachelor party. Try Expedia or Kayak!

Booking Hotel Rooms

Now that Las Vegas is emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever, prices for hotel rooms couldn’t be better – especially those on the Strip. These places want your money and are willing to give you amazing perks for staying with them for your weekend or one-night stand. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers girls are all licensed and carry Sheriff’s Cards allowing them to work legally in all of the casinos you’ll think about staying in, so we can come to you wherever you happen to be for a wild and steamy bachelor party you just can’t find anywhere else in the US. Check out prices on sites like Travelocity and Vegas.com!

Dream Bachelor Party Pricing

Everyone’s in Las Vegas and ready for a night of hot, sexy entertainment from the most incredible strippers in Las Vegas. How do you pay for what you want? That’s simple. You have a number of guests and everyone can pitch in to make it happen. Think about it. You can have an incredible show – a show that features up to six gorgeous strippers – for less than you ever thought possible. Say you have 6 guests. You could go for the 6-stripper Ultra Hot XXX Toy Show (our Bestseller!) and pay less than $270 per person for a show that will turn your bachelor party up to 11! All of our hot bachelor party packages can be had for a reasonable price when you all pitch in to make it happen for your bachelor friend!

Time to Plan Your Bachelor Party

See? It’s not so difficult to come up with the funds to cover an amazing bachelor party experience for you and your bachelor and all his friends. The more the merrier and the lower the costs, so get as many of the guys together as you can because no one is going to want to miss out on what can only be described as a night your bachelor will never forget. And neither will anyone else who is lucky enough to pay for a spot at the party. Get started today by calling Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers at (702) 826-8500 to learn more about what’s included in our hot and steamy shows. You can also use a contact form and we’ll call you as soon as possible to provide the info you need to book the best trip of your lifetimes. The bachelor getting married is a good enough excuse to make a memory and our girls do that better than any other strippers in Sin City!

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