31 Best Bachelor Party Ideas Other Than the Strip Club

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“Best Bachelor Party Ideas Other Than the Strip Club”


So you’re tying the knot, or you’ve been tasked with the duty of planning the perfect bachelor party, a night reminiscent of “The Hangover”, a night that all of you gentlemen will remember for the rest of your lives. And although a bachelor party without strippers might seem like Halloween without a pumpkin, for whatever reason, you’re looking for bachelor party ideas other than the strip club, and we’re here to help you with that. Perhaps the bride to be does not approve, or perhaps the groomsmen just want to do something different. And while we agree, the strip club isn’t necessarily the best place for a bachelor party, we think you may still want to consider involving strippers in a different capacity – of course we’re biased 😉 – but either way you’ve come to the right place, here is a list of bachelor party ideas to help plan the best bachelor party ever.



Bachelor Stripper Dancing

Is It Cool to Go to a Strip Club for A Bachelor Party?

The Strip Club has been a popular bachelor party destination for decades, you have the groomsmen, the best man, the groom to be and perhaps a few other gents looking to have a memorable night of debauchery. And what cooler way to incorporate some crazy fun than to include alcohol and stunningly beautiful naked females gyrating in your lap. It’s the perfect addition to a stag party, right? Well… not so fast, there are a few issues with strip clubs that don’t necessarily make it the best idea when you’re wondering, ‘Should I go to a strip club for a bachelor party?”.


Strip Clubs Serve Outrageously Expensive Drinks

Strip clubs are notorious for their exorbitant prices for alcohol, they can charge a 600 to 900% markup on alcohol, not to mention you’ll have to purchase multiple bottles of liquor just to score a table for the boys. So if your idea of a good time is throwing away cash faster than a thief can steal your wallet, it’s a good way to do it. The night may be more fun drinking and bouncing around socializing with different people in a variety of venues rather than be bumping elbows with desperate old men who haven’t touched an actual female in a decade, but that’s for you to decide.


Strip Clubs Will Leave You Fighting for Attention

Attending a strip club on the night of the bachelor party means strippers dancing for you right? Well, actually, kind of. The exotic dancers at the club will be dancing for you… and EVERYBODY ELSE AT THE STRIP CLUB GIVING THEM MONEY. This means you’ll have to fight for attention to get face time with the strippers at the club, not to mention trying to get attention from the hottest ones there, who everybody will be trying to impress by buying them outrageously priced drinks, and huge tips for lap dances. Of course you’re bound to have an interesting time, but perhaps not the best experience, and could leave everyone bummed out if you’re spending double your budget for the day at one over-rated venue.


Quality of Entertainment

Ok a strip club is a strip club, so it will have a certain level of excitement, but the women on stage are completely different from having an in-room strippers experience. If you don’t mind it being loud, packed with other men, and super expensive then by all means, go for it. However, if you’re looking for bachelor party ideas that aren’t the strip club, continue reading as we have a full list of great things to do for a bachelor party besides the strip club below.



The Complete List of Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas

The bachelor party is a celebration for the groom-to-be, typically held the night before the wedding. It is considered the last night of freedom for the groom before he gets married. The bachelor party usually involves drinking and other activities that the groom may not be able to do once he is married. This is why the best man often times includes the strip club in the bachelor party itinerary. However, in many cases you can have even more fun by not going to the strip club. Below we have categorized our list of bachelor party ideas so you can fit a bachelor party idea that’s right for you.



Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Adventure


If it’s winter and you, the groom, and your friends are skiers or snowboarders, hit the slopes in your local area or book a skiing trip to one of the USA’s best ski resorts like Aspen Snowmass or Breckenridge. Or if you really want to go all out, book a dream ski vacation to Japan and make it a ski trip you will always remember.


White Water Rafting

One of the greatest outdoor adventures, there is a lot of action, you get to enjoy beautiful nature, and get to enjoy cooling off in the water, all while getting your adrenaline pumping. If you don’t have white water rafting in your area consider white water rafting down the Snake River or a Colorado River Whitewater Rafting Experience in the Grand Canyon.

Bungee Jumping

Feeling adventurous? How about you and the boys celebrate the groom taking a leap into marriage by taking a leap of your own. Bungee jumping from a bridge or a dam and free-falling for a few hundred feet. It’s definitely an adventurous move and will certainly be remembered for years to come. Find a bungee jumping location near me here.



The waterpark, one of our favorite summer past-times when splashing around as kids. Swimming pools, wave pools, the lazy river it’s the perfect summer activity. But it’s never too late to enjoy a good bit of summer fun, sure booze and strippers might make for a compelling story after all is said and done. But the waterpark for a bachelor party in the summertime will be hard to beat as far as the amount of fun you’ll have. If you’re a huge waterpark fanatic, you could always road trip it to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and hit up Noah’s Ark: America’s Largest Waterpark for the best day of your entire summer.


Go Karting

Feeling the need for speed? Want to race against your friends, hearing the sound of screeching tires and the smell of burning rubber in the air? Hit up a go-kart track. If you’re near one, this can take as much time as you want, you could spend a couple of hours driving karts just to spice up the day, and then continue on with the rest of your activities after.



You can find zip lines at adventure parks and other places. Who said sliding down a cable on a pulley at speeds higher than what you’re comfortable with isn’t a good time? Zip-lining is a great activity for thrill-seekers to enjoy a fun, adrenaline-filled experience. A zip line can be a great addition to any adventure-focused bachelor party. If you have never tried a zip line, and always wanted to, consider incorporating it into the day’s events.


Shooting Range

Firing a gun is a testosterone fueled adrenaline rush certain to be a fun addition to any bachelor party. This is a great activity to do because it only takes up a short amount of time during the day leaving plenty of time for numerous other activities. Pro tip: If you come to Vegas for the event make sure to check out one of our shooting ranges, as Battlefield VegasThe Range 702 and Machine Guns Vegas are among the best shooting ranges on the planet.


Sky diving

The ultimate thrill-seeking bachelor party idea for the most adventurous men. Jumping into the open sky from an airplane wearing a parachute will certainly be an incredible experience. But keep in mind, skydiving centers will most likely require training relating to skydiving and emergency measures, even for tandem jumps so with travel time this may eat up a big chunk of the day as well as a lot of energy. Skydiving can be a great way to bond with the guys, all while creating an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime. Pro-tip: Make sure to pay extra to have them film your jumps, it will be well worth the money to have a video of it forever.



Off roading with a Jeep or ATV is a great activity to do with the guys, one that may be new to a bunch of you so bonus points for uniqueness. Whether you’re rock crawling in Moab, or jaunting through some local trails in all-terrain vehicles this will be a fun, action packed activity for the group. Check out a list of Off Roading Tours in the United States here.



Dune Buggy

How about a desert off-road adventure tour? If you’ve seen dune buggies, jeeps, and other 4x4s racing on sand dunes on Instagram you know how fun it looks. This would be a super fun activity for the bachelor party group but again could take up a whole day and will leave little time for other activities. That being said, this is a very novel idea, so if you’re tasked with planning the party, you will get bonus points for this extra unique and novel idea. Get started by looking up the 10 best places in the USA to ride sand dunes.



Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like the Outdoors


Fishing Trip

If you love the outdoors and enjoy getting out on the boat with your fishing pole and lures, and your buddies are into it too, then perhaps fishing is a good activity for your bachelor party. There are a couple of directions you could go here. First, you could go all out if you live near the Pacific or Atlantic ocean and rent a yacht or charter, and go do some saltwater fishing for some marlin or tuna, and the like. This will be more expensive but will be more exciting, and will be a great activity for the guys. You could also go in the direction of a more calm, peaceful day if you just want to get out on the water. Rent a boat and get out on a lake or river near you trying to catch some bass or northern pike.



Since the beginning of time, men have been sitting around campfires drinking beer and telling stories. There is something so primitive about camping that it will make you and the guys feel reconnected with nature, the perfect getaway from life to just enjoy cooking over a fire, pitching a tent and sleeping outdoors, drinking beers and telling stories around the fire. It is the quintessential outdoor bachelor party activity. Search for camping near you here.


Rent a Cabin

Enjoy a getaway into nature while enjoying the modern comforts of home. Renting a cabin for a bachelor party will allow you to get out into nature during the day, and enjoy a comfortable environment during your stay.


Rent an RV

What says adventure like a home on wheels, where you can head out into nature, if you’re near any national parks or great outdoor places near where you live you can experience nature while being mobile. This is great if you want to visit multiple sites or combine a road trip with camping. You have a little more comfort than camping with a kitchen, sleep areas, and bathroom, so if Vanlife seems exciting but only for a day or two, then renting an RV might be the perfect choice.


Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like to Drink/Party


The groom may be getting married but the rest of the guys can still enjoy the allure of beautiful women at the club. The club will be filled with young, beautiful women and be a lot of fun if you enjoy electronic music, dancing, and catching a buzz while having a blast. If you happen to be in Vegas, check out XS, Omnia, or Hakkasan.



Bars can be a good place to have a bachelor party, plenty of booze at a reasonable price, but you may run the risk of having it not quite be the most novel idea. However if you want to have a bachelor party at a bar, perhaps you could do some pre-planning and have some food catered by the venue or brought in, and perhaps even come up with some fun activities to keep the party going. Or if you’re into darts and pool and are looking for something local, a cool bar in your area may be a good choice. Search Google for “Bars near me” to get started.



Pub Crawl/Bar Crawl

Want to hit up bars but want to make it more energetic, fun, and eventful? Then plan a bar crawl. Rent a limo, or a party bus, and hit up a bunch of bars in your area, you could even make it more fun by including a scavenger hunt, where for example you may have the guys get a woman’s phone number or do a shot of tequila. Just make sure you have transportation sorted out, as the bachelor party planner you need to make sure everyone gets home safely.


Whiskey Tasting

If you’re like us then you love whiskey (even better with a cigar). A whiskey tasting is a cool way to get the guys together to start off the day with something unique and interesting, however, you’ll want to be careful with this one as we all know whiskey packs a punch, so make sure to take it slow or everyone is going to be too drunk to party after the first activity.


Brewery Tour

We know many of you guys out there love yourself some craft beer, if you’re feeling like something a little more low-key while still including alcohol or just looking for a great chill way to start off the day of the bachelor party a craft brewery tour is a good choice. The novelty in trying new and different beer is a good way to keep it interesting while hanging out with the guys. Click here to find a brewery tour.



Music Festival/Concert

There is plenty of fun to be had at a music festival or a concert. You’ll be able to party with great music, and drinks will be available, so it should be a lot of fun. If you like, even if the concert or festival is near your city, you could rent a nearby hotel suite to continue the fun with after concert party activities. Find upcoming music festivals online with the music festival wizard.



Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Sports


A sure way to make a hole-in-one with your buddies if they play golf is to hit up an 18 hole round of golf for the bachelor party. This is great if you want to stay near your hometown as it makes for a great mini-getaway, you’ll be able to get out into nature, enjoy some time with the guys, and still be able to get some beers in. Click here to search for golf courses in your area.




Visiting a UFC event would be almost like seeing a Super Bowl in person for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans. UFC fights are happening regularly in Las Vegas, so if you’re down for a trip to Vegas (the best place to be for a bachelor party) then look up the UFC fight schedule and if you can, make it happen, you will go down as a legend if you organize a trip to watch the fight before you turn the rest of the night into a bachelor party dreams are made of. Grab UFC tickets and check the schedule here.



We’re not sure why anyone would get married in the winter. Are you in such a hurry that you can’t just wait until the weather is nice? I digress. For you skiers and snowboarders, this is probably an easy decision. Nothing will beat tearing down the mountain or ski hill on a layer of fresh powder in the backcountry. Do some alpine skiing or some snowboarding, or just find a ski hill in your area. Or if you want to make it the most epic ski trip ever, hit up somewhere like Niseko Ski resort in Japan for amazing views and a legendary skiing experience. Click here to check out some of the best places to ski in the world.



Experience paintballers and newbs alike will have a blast firing paint-filled projectiles at each other, it will bring out the kid in you and take you back to the days of laser tag, except it hurts more when you get hit by an unexpected paintball fired at you at 280 feet per second.


Go to a Game

Chances are pretty high your crew is going to be an NFL, NBA, or MLB fan, if so, score tickets to a game and include that in the days events.


Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like to Travel


Book a Destination Getaway

If you love to travel and have the money, plan a destination bachelor party. Mexico (We love Cancun) and Costa Rica are nearby and have plenty of resorts, beaches, nightlife or you could go to one of may domestic US destinations like Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans or Los Angeles. If you want to make planning easy you can always look for an all-inclusive resort in your destination of choice.


Rent a Beach House

\Depending on the season a beach house is a great way to get the guys together. The beach house can be the home base, you can explore the city and nearby towns, and all retire at the same place for an after party, and hitting up the beach in the morning will be the perfect way to start your day, because, well, beaches are the best. Find beachfront rentals on airbnb or booking.com.



Road Trip

We may be biased so of course we think Las Vegas is the perfect bachelor party road trip destination, since Las Vegas has it all, bars, clubs, nightlife, people, shows, pool parties, and plenty more, but even if you can’t road trip to Vegas, you can always take a road trip near where you are. Take a road trip out of your city, town to a nearby area you haven’t been before. Often times you can even save money by getting out of the city, and discover cheap places to eat and check out and at the same time experiencing the novelty of doing, seeing and experiencing new things. Here is a great resource to help you plan your road trip.



Rent a Yacht

There’s just something built into our DNA that makes us love the water. Being on the open sea, swimming in the water, or partying onboard is always a blast. You’ll enjoy quality time with the boys, can include beer and booze, and can enjoy nature and the sea.


Visit Las Vegas!

The Gold Standard of bachelor party destinations, as mentioned above, Las Vegas is the best bachelor party destination in the world. You can gamble at casinos, party everywhere, meet tons of people, explore amazing pool parties, nightclubs, and just have an incredible debauchery-filled time. Yes, planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas might seem cliche, but there is a reason why it’s a thing, it’s because most people in Vegas, DO have an incredible, fun and weird time reminiscent of the movie the hangover.


If You DO Want to Include Strippers But DON’T Like Strip Clubs

Ok, so this article is about ideas for bachelor parties that aren’t the strip club, so yes, below we have a ton of amazing ideas for the bachelor party, but technically we said “bachelor party activities other than the strip club” we never said “no strippers at all”, so before we get tho the full list of ideas, I would like to share this idea quickly before moving on.

Let’s get real. You want to create a night that you remember for the rest of your lives, and no bachelor party is complete without the pulse-pounding excitement of hiring some of the most beautiful females in the world who are experts at creating an air of sexy novelty and excitement.

And, technically hiring private strippers ISN’T going to the strip club, so we’re still within the boundaries here. Hiring in-room private strippers to put on a private show is going to be the best decision you made as far as the bachelor party is concerned, and it is a COMPLETELY different (and BETTER!) experience.

Private Strippers Don’t Make You Buy Overpriced Alcohol

With private strippers at your hotel room you and your best buds can enjoy some entertainment and enjoy some cocktails or cold ones for a fraction of the price of the strip club.

Private Strippers Offer a More Intimate Setting

Having private entertainment in your room offers a more intimate setting, where it’s just you and the boys with a couple of lovely ladies having a fun time without the distractions of the strip club, and the women will be much more focused on the members of your party. An intimate setting is the way to go for this type of entertainment.

Private Strippers Offer Higher Quality Entertainment

Third, dancers at strip clubs are professional stage entertainers, their job is to keep men in the strip club to get them more drunk and keep them spending money. The Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, for example offer a much more intimate show. The girls work together regularly and often have chemistry with one another as well as……..

Hiring private strippers doesn’t have to be the focus of the bachelor party, instead it can be the climax, the finale, this is what will turn a great bachelor party in to a crazy bachelor party. When you complete the day with the most exciting part of the day, it will leave everyone and the groom wanting more, and after an amazing day doing whatever it is you planned to do, you can relax and let go in the comfort of your own hotel room, with stunning babes giving you the adult entertainment show of a LIFETIME.

Keep in mind, these aren’t just women dancing for money, these are the Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, some of the most beautiful and talented adult entertainers in the world. They put on shows that you would have to see to believe. They are fun, will keep everyone comfortable and involved during the show and will have fun doing it.

Of course if you can, including private strippers in bachelor party activities will help make the party one for the record books, but if not now you’ve got a ton of wholesome ideas to help get you started on planning the ultimate bachelor party.

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