Bachelor Party in Vegas: Strip Clubs vs. In-Room Strippers

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By Chloe

So, you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas for your friend’s bachelor party (Check out the bachelor party strippers page here) and it’s time to choose the evening’s traditional entertainment – the strippers. Las Vegas has tons of strip clubs that offer all kinds of girls and shows. That’s definitely an option but there’s a better one – an in-room show from the hottest strippers in Sin City at Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. Well, we believe it’s a better option all-around but let’s take a look at just how one of the hot and sexy bachelor party packages from our incredible strippers beats the pants off any strip club in Las Vegas.

Reason #1: There’s No Need To Go Anywhere

When you book a bachelor party package with the smoking hot strippers from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers you’re getting an in-room experience – not some open-door event you can’t control at a location off the Strip and probably some distance from your hotel room. That means before you party and afterward you’re going to have to make your way from Point A to Point B without issue – something that’s not always straightforward in Las Vegas. Why deal with Uber or Lyft when you can relax and let the bachelor party package of your wildest dreams come right to you and stay until you’re ready to end the evening? Doesn’t your bachelor friend deserve that on his big night?

Reason #2: Guest Personal Safety & Security

Look, we don’t want to knock strip clubs as places to enjoy. That’s what they’re there for but therein lies the problem. Everyone can walk into the strip club and bring all of their problems and hang-ups with them. That kind of negativity can ruin an evening and it can come out of the blue – especially in Las Vegas. Some guy lost his money or his girlfriend or whatever and decides to have a problem with the guys having so much fun. It happens and it could happen to anyone because those kinds of things make no sense whatsoever. But when you have an in-room stripper package scheduled with Lasa Vegas Bachelor Strippers, like our WAP Hot Oil Show, the party is safe and secure at all times because we’re in your room. You control who’s attending and that makes all the difference!

Reason #3: Cleanliness Matters More Today

Does anyone think a strip club is a clean place at the best of times? It’s a bar, restaurant and club all rolled into one. Imagine the bathrooms and the tabletops and then imagine them being cleaned thoroughly between customers. Yeah, we didn’t think you could and we don’t blame you because no place that serves so many during this time can be as safe as your hotel room. Maybe that doesn’t bother you but maybe it does. If so, an in-room stripper package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, say our Kinky Lesbian Show, is a better way to go!

Reason #4: Who Gets All The Attention

Easily the most important difference between going to a strip club and booking a wild Bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is who’s the focus of the evening. Where’s all the attention going? Who’s big night is it? Well, at a strip club it’s never going to be the bachelor’s night because he’s just one guy out of a bunch. That means there may be more bachelors there or strippers who have other customers on their mind. That’s only normal because for all of them it’s just another night at the strip club. For the ladies from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – the strippers you chose specifically – the only focus of the night is the bachelor and guests. There are no distractions and only one audience for our naughty shows!

Reason #5: Make A Lasting Memory

The final reason you should choose an in-room stripper party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is one the should resonate with everyone. The bachelor party is about making a lasting memory with your friend. It’s his big night and it should be something that goes beyond what guys do on Wednesday nights in their home towns. You’re in Vegas and you should make a memory none of you will ever forget. That’s what our private strippers and packages specialize in – giving you something you can only get in Las Vegas and something you and your bachelor buddy will remember for the rest of your lives! Call (702) 826-8500 or use our contact form to get started!

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