5 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas for Bachelor Parties

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By Chloe

Your friend’s bachelor party in Las Vegas is a really big deal – to him, to you and to all of the guests who will be coming (Visit our bachelor party page here for more info). That goes for the trip itself and the in-room hot bachelor party package you have booked. Everyone is super excited to get to the Strip and see some strippers and that’s great news because you’re all in for an incredible in-room show that’s hotter than anything any of you have even experienced – with strippers you chose specifically to be there using real images of these beautiful women. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only company in Las Vegas with real images, so don’t be fooled by the fakers out there!

But back to your pre-bachelor party plans – what are you guys going to do before it’s time to get naughty with the wildest strippers in Las Vegas? You need to fuel up for the bachelor party and Las Vegas has all the restaurants you need to find the perfect pre-bachelor party spread that will have you amped and ready for the rowdy night to come! Here are what we think are five of the best restaurants in Las Vegas – each with something else to offer!

Want A Steak? Go To Oscar’s Steakhouse

Named after a former mayor of Las Vegas, You can find this amazing steakhouse on the second floor of the Plaza Hotel. Tables give you views of Fremont Street so you can watch all the people walk the Strip as you eat some of the finest cuts in Las Vegas. And this is the type of meal you’re going to need to have enough energy to enjoy your in-room entertainment from the incredible strippers you’ve booked from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. If you like spicy then go for the Spilotro! Get your reservation for Oscar’s Steakhouse here!

Into Seafood? Then You Want Lakeside

Located inside the Wynn, Lakeside is an amazing place that serves up seafood unlike you’ve ever had before. We’re talking incredible fare in an even more incredible setting, so if you’re big on seafood of all kinds then this is the place for you. They also make some wicked drinks here, so bring your appetite and a willingness to try new things and you’ll have a blast. And that’s all just preamble to the hot, steamy bachelor party stripper package that’s still to come! Our girls are ready to party and it’s up to you to be ready too! Make a reservation at Lakeside here!

When You Want Sushi, You Want Mizumi

This may be the flashiest restaurant on our list and with good reason – everything in here is gold, lacquer or hardwood. That is everything but the food. The food is something beyond words with everything you could ever want in a Japanese restaurant found inside – and all at the pinnacle of their profession. Sushi chefs, teppanyaki masters, robatayaki gurus and more – all in a setting that’s straight out of an Emperor’s dining room. It really is a one-of-a-kind dining experience and it won’t weigh you down for the big night that you’ve got planned. The strippers you specifically chose, the hot bachelor party in-room package and all the fun you’re going to have are just a short time away, so make a reservation at Mizumi and then get to your hotel room fast!

For Drinks, It’s Bardot Brasserie Every Time

When you’re after a good meal and some amazing drinks, there’s only one bar that stands above the rest. That’s the bar you’ll find inside Bardot Brasserie inside the ARIA Resort & Casino. Seriously, this is a bar straight out of the Old World and will transport you and the bachelor party guests to another world where drinks were classy and dining an event. They serve all kinds of wonderful food but we would go with the Manhattan and see what it was like back when your Grandfather drank it. They even have a roving Champagne cart which makes this the perfect place to get ready for the wild strippers and the ultra-hot in-room stripper show they’re going to put on for you, the bachelor and all your guests. Make a reservation at Bardot Brasserie to kick off the bachelor party night the right way!

Best View? Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas

If you and your bachelor party guests are looking for an amazing view to enjoy pre-bachelor party and get something incredible to eat at the same time, then there’s only one choice in all of Las Vegas – the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris. Situated on the 11th floor of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower replica, this is one of the best views in all of Las Vegas with great staff and rinks – not to mention a menu that caters to just about every taste. Make sure to get there in the evening to ensure you get the total package as the lights in town really make this view something special. But don’t stay too long because the hottest strippers in Las Vegas are waiting to rock your world with a sexy show that will leave you gasping for breath in a good way. Make a reservation here!

After Dinner, It’s Time For The Main Event

So, now that all you have eaten your fill and you’re ready for the real evening to start, head back to your hotel room and make preparations for the most incredible night of your lives – and that’s not bragging. Our incredibly hot strippers have only one goal in mind – ensuring your bachelor and every guest have a night that they’ll never forget and stories to tell their friends for years to come. If you haven’t booked a hot bachelor party package before you got to town, it’s not the end of the world. Just give us a call at (702) 826-8500 or complete a quick contact form and we’ll get you all set up for a wild, wild night!

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