3 Types of Bachelor Party Bachelors

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By Chloe

When it’s time to start thinking about a bachelor party for your friend or relative, the best place to start – aside from calling Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers at (702) 826-8500 – is to consider just who the bachelor is as a person. You know them better than anyone else, so put that knowledge to good use and think about who they are, what they like and what kind of bachelor party you think will make them happiest before their big day. With years of handling these parties, we’ve put together a short article on the three kinds of bachelors that we’ve interacted with to help you figure out where your bachelor buddy fits in. This should make it easier to pick the right bachelor party package for his night of fun!

Bachelor #1: Mr. First-Timer

Okay, so your bachelor friend is a newbie to strippers and has no experience whatsoever with this type of entertainment. Kudos to you, his friends, for turning him on to this kind of bachelor party – a party that makes every other bachelor party on the planet look tame by comparison. You guys are in Las Vegas after all – no matter which package you pick for his first time bachelor party experience! We would recommend giving the bachelor party a bit of everything because you never know what’s going to push a first-timers bachelor party buttons! Maybe try the Ultra Hot XXX Toy Show (a Bestseller!) or the Vegas Fantasy Show – a must-see for any Las Vegas visitor!

Bachelor #2: Mr. Curious Guy

Now we come to Bachelor Party type #2 – the curious guy who simply doesn’t know what he likes yet, so you as his friends will have to lead him with your good sense and taste. As professionals, we can make serious recommendations with you over the phone that should lead you to the perfect bachelor party for Mr. Curious. The first thing that comes to mind would be our Kinky Lesbian Show or our WAP Oil Show that gets as freaky as any show you’ll ever see in Las Vegas! And because it’s Vegas, the secret stays here for as long as you guys can keep it. With so many hot and steamy bachelor party packages that are sure to please, Mr. Curious is going to have the night of his life!

Bachelor #3: Mr. All-In Bachelor

So, we’ve made our way through the newbie and the curious. Finally, we’ve come to our favorite type of bachelor – Mr. All-In. For this type of man, we have every package imaginable – from our Slippery When Wet package to our Strap-On Show that features the hottest strippers in Las Vegas going wild on each other in action you’ll have to see to believe. There’s no way any of our packages won’t blow Mr. All-In away, so take your pick, or better yet, call our team when the time is right and plan out the perfect bachelor party with all the skin and heat you want. We’ll come up with a bachelor party package that will make it a night he’ll never forget – and neither will any of you who attend!

Let’s Book the Perfect Bachelor Party!

You know the bachelor better than just about anybody, so with our help you’ll have no problem picking the ideal package – a COVID-safe package – for a night the bachelor will never, ever forget. In fact, no one who comes to this event will ever have another night to rival it again – no matter how hard they try. It’s impossible to compare to a room of beautiful girls all with one goal in mind – to turn the bachelor’s night into a story they’ll be telling their buddies for years and years to come. So, make a real bachelor party memory with Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – one the groom-to-be will thanking you for for the rest of his life! Call (702) 826-8500 or use our contact form to get started!


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