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Our Las Vegas Strippers

What are the benefits of strippers coming to your room?

There are so many benefits to having strippers come to your room instead of going out to strip clubs in Vegas! Buy all of your own liquor and keep it in your room instead of paying crazy high prices for one or two watered down drinks. No long lines to get in, no door fees, no price increases. You get personal attention for your group instead of being treated like just another bunch of guys in the club. You aren’t going to have to compete with a million other tourists for an Uber or cabs for your whole group, and you aren’t going to have to leave your room to get to see some of the hottest ladies in Las Vegas!

Are the pictures on the site real?

This is a 100000% resounding YES YES YES! We are the ONLY stripping company in Las Vegas to use real photos. Many other agencies can claim they do but we are the ones with the proof. Head over to our Gallery page and see literally hundreds of pictures of us out together in all the Vegas casinos, we have video verification as well. Also make sure to check out or up to date Instagram Ask other stripping companies for pictures of the girls you like together, and they will no be able to provide this as they all use fake photos. We set the bar higher and offer a one of kind no ‘bait and switch’ genuine experience. Over 60 five star reviews mention our use of real photos as well. We offer a complete guarantee that the girls from our photos will be the strippers naked in your room.

Can we pick our strippers?

Of course! We pride ourselves on being the only agency that uses real pictures so of course we accommodate picking your own Strippers. We simply ask you to head to our Choose Your Strippers page, look at our strippers and select a preference list of 6-8 names of your favorite entertainers. From there we will tailor the best girls based on chemistry for your event. 

How many strippers should we have for our Party?

This is totally up to you but we recommend 1 dancer for every 2-3 guys in your group, keeping in mind your parties individual needs, we are happy to help you decide how many would be perfect for your party give us a call today at 702-826-8500. Remember to take advantage of our Rolling Deep special for your FREE additional stripper if you have a large party.

How do you book a show?

We make it super easy no hassle booking, please call or text us at 702-826-8500 to speak directly to an entertainer who can help you set up your reservation. Or head over to our Hot Party Packages to make a booking online as well. We offer no deposit/credit card required booking. Its as easy and quick as making a reservation for a restaurant.

When should we book our Party?

The earlier the better is always a good rule. As soon as you have confirmed the time and location you plan to have the event you can make the reservation. 2-3 weeks is ideal for booking. Of course we do our very best to accommodate same week/same day booking but we unfortunately have to turn away many bachelor parties who call last minute. Don’t let this happen to your bachelor, call to reserve as soon as possible to make sure his last night of freedom goes off without a hitch

Is there a fee or deposit to reserve strippers?

Nope! We know many of our clients don’t want Las Vegas Strippers showing up on their bank statements so to respect privacy we offer no deposit required reservations. Cash upon arrival is perfect for us 🙂

How long do the girls stay?

This is totally up to your group. We NEVER charge for time, only services. Our Fantasy shows averages 45-60 minutes, upgraded shows last approximately 1.5 hours. However after every show we stay for UNLIMITED time for your bachelor party to purchase additional dances and shows. If you are planning this around other events we recommend blocking off at least 2-2.5 hours for the strippers as that is average time we spend with each group.

Do you only do Bachelor Parties?

Absolutely not, while we may specialize in Bachelor parties we have gone to all types of events and can cater our show to fit your needs. Birthdays, NFL drafts, divorce parties, guys night out, business trips and more. There is never a bad time to hire strippers! We offer super steamy one on one shows and couples shows to spice up your Vegas vacation.

What do we need to prepare for the girls?

We would appreciate a clean bathroom to keep our belonging in and change. Other then that we will provide everything needed for a great party. We come equipped with lots of singles so you can break bigger bills, music and speakers, lots of xxx toys, lingerie changes and a few surprises. Once you book with us you are set, let us take care of everything.

Do we need to wear masks?

Nope, another benefit of the privacy that comes from private strippers is freedom, we do not require masks, but are absolutely happy to keep them on if you prefer. We get tested often and have a whole page dedicated to our safety procedures, head to our Safety First page to learn more. 

Cant decide?

Give us a call and we will help you decide the perfect strippers for your event.