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We are the ONLY Las Vegas Strippers who run and operate our own company Insuring every party we entertain is an amazing 5 star experience unlike anything else to be offered in Vegas.

Award Winning Entertainment Year after Year

Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers has been voted “Best Bachelor Party” by the Las Vegas Review Journal for 2 consecutive years, Winning both 2020 and 2021. We are honored to receive such an award and are looking forward to another win in the coming year. Also to boot we are consistently ranked #1 on multiple stripper review sites such as Vegasstripperreviews.com. But our absolute favorite accomplishment is the over 250 5 star reviews on google written by our real customers. In addition we have many more on facebook, google, yahoo and yelp. All of us strippers have unique and amazing personalities to ensure a wild and crazy time that you would expect from having Las Vegas private strippers to your room. Epic times is what we do, so don’t leave your party to chance, all of us are SURE BETS! Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers allows you to book any of us with confidence! Simply put together the sexy entertainer preference list you want and call or text us to book your next party. We only offer the hottest and most elite strippers in all of Vegas.

100% Real pictures

Sure if you have been looking around you know this phrase gets tossed around a lot.
But lets break it down for you.
We are THE ONLY strippers who use real pictures. Point blank. Period. Not debatable. Spend a few minutes watching our videos and checking out our pictures versus some of the other sites listed it will become very apparent, but here is a few things to look out for…

Do the dancers have pictures together? Surely strippers that work together every weekend should have tons of pictures together
Video verification is key, anyone can copy pictures offline but video proof is much harder to fake.
Social media… does their instagram, facebook & twitter look up to date with real and recent photos?
Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers pride themselves on being the ONLY company that uses real girls, we have built our brand as the only Vegas strippers who use real pictures.

World famous Vegas strippers and adult video stars

When planning your party you imagine the hottest & naughtiest strippers in Vegas at your event. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers knows that’s only the minimum requirement for your party to go off without a hitch. Of course we are hot and sexy FULLY NUDE strippers but we also have amazing personalities, we are extremely prompt and we also are prepared, we bring everything needed such as music, lights, singles and multiple toys and lingerie for the wildest shows so you don’t have to prepare for anything. We have world famous adult video stars available exclusively with Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, we have entertained some of the biggest name hollywood elite and professional athletes. We know hiring the right Las Vegas strippers can make or break your event and we have made it easy to choose the best in town.

Wild Sin City parties

We do wild shows consisting of adult themed games like bark at the pussy, seek & destroy and anal ring toss, we offer bachelor humiliation and embarrassment with a very sexy strip tease. Followed by fully nude lap dances and private dances, shower & bath shows and our ultra hot xxx toy shows. We have entertained everything from bachelor parties,
birthday parties, fantasy football parties to guys night out, divorce celebrations and couples in town for a honeymoon. We have over the top packages put together for every occasion & every budget. We have a reputation for doing the absolute best in room shows, we do not just come and strip or lounge around, this is a full choreographed routine that is insanely fun. We focus heavily on the bachelor (or man of the hour for birthdays, divorce etc) but we tag team in other party goers and use audience participation in all of our shows, this is a hands on experience that you simply can only enjoy in the privacy of your room. If you are looking for a special request the best thing to do is call and speak to one of the strippers directly for an accurate quote.

Intimate bi-sexual beauties

We are not just strippers that have been randomly assigned to you from a large agency. We are a tight knit group where we all know each other and we train our new dancers together. We are all bi sexual and love to dance and get down with each other. We even have different toys and positions that we know each other will love, this not a one size fits all show, we heavily base our routines off of each other.

When booking your party we will ask you for a short preference list of your favorite dancers, from there we will help guide which dancers off the list will have the best chemistry and will work together to show you the best show possible. The strip club and other agencies can’t come close to offering this kind of small intimate custom show because they simply have too many employees to care, many of them are part time and do this as a side gig, typically in other agencies when a party is booked they send out a text and the first 2 girls to respond get the call, regardless of if they even know each other. Imagine your entertainers meeting for the first time at your party…yikes. Not us, We are dancer owned and operated. We only bring entertainers who have successfully passed our rigid audition and training sessions we only hire individuals who put this as their main priority and fits into the chemistry of our group.

Safe and legit Vegas strippers

Vegas is about the fantasy and wonder of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so no one wants to talk about the legality and safety of inviting strippers to your room, however if you are throwing a party for someone, especially a bachelor it’s imperative you read this. A bachelor should spend his last night of freedom with a great set of tits in his face, not in a jail cell, but pick the wrong group of girls and he could certainly get the latter. There are MANY strippers with ill intentions, they may rob you or be associated with “pimps” who will do it for them. Also if they are unlicensed or have been arrested or kicked out of the casino and security sees you with those girls everyone in the party will face consequences even if you had no intentions of using them for illegal activities. All of us Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers carry up to date Sheriff’s Cards which means we have had full background checks and are licensed to work in casinos. We have up to date business licensing in both city and county, and most importantly an OUTCALL LICENSE which very few other companies can claim, simply ask to see theirs before booking. We are happy to show ours on request and carry it with us to every party. Remember just because they have a website does not mean they have the proper licensing. Picking the right strippers will ensure a safe, yet fun night for your group.

From The Vegas Strippers

Hey guys! We cant wait to party with you! Look around and check out our videos & pictures BE SURE TO FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @ lv_bachelor_girls ! Remember if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us! Xoxo


Party With The Best Strippers

-Over 250 -FIVE- star google reviews
-Voted 2020 AND 2021 ‘Best Bachelor Party‘ from  ‘Best of Las Vegas
-Rated #1 on Vegas Stripper Reviews-Voted ‘Best In Room Entertainers’ 5 years consecutively
-Featured in The Review Journal “Scintillating, safe and decidedly different in-person entertainment” and Consecutive winners ‘Las Vegas Bachelor Girls’ give attention usually reserved for high rollers

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