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Las Vegas Strippers

Las Vegas is all about fantasy and wonder and possibility. The city’s branding even reinforces this with the famous catchphrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. And, while catchphrases are fun and games, the legality and safety of inviting strippers to your room has to be discussed if you wish your big event to go off without a hitch. Or, you can just call Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers!

A bachelor should spend his last night of freedom having a blast with friends and a great pair of tits in his face – not in a jail cell. But, if you choose the wrong group of girls from a less-than-reputable company you could all end up in a world of trouble. That’s trouble no one wants on their big night, right?

Party Packages

Vegas has many strippers with bad intentions. They could be looking to rob you or be associated with people who’ll do it for them. If they’re unlicensed, have been arrested, or kicked out of the casino where you’re staying and they’re seen by security with you then everyone in your party could face the consequences – even if you had no illicit plans with them!

Meet the Girls

Ellie Kaylee Amber Bella
Isabella Nessi Adrianna Hailee
Emily Kim Janae Georgia
Mariah Skye Becca Jessie

All of the girls at Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers carry up-to-date Sheriff’s Cards which prove we’ve had full background checks and are licensed to work legally in casinos. We also carry up-to-date business licensing in both City and County – something most other companies can’t say. So, be 100% safe by contacting Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers and have an unforgettable time – legally!

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