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As you start planning your bachelor party trip to Las Vegas you’re going to come across a great many websites that make the claim, “100% Real Pictures”. Well, we can clear that up for you quickly. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only stripper company in Vegas that uses real pictures.

Let’s repeat that. Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only stripper company in Las Vegas using real pictures of our strippers – period, end of story. It’s not even debatable. The other companies are just trying to fool you with glamour shots to get your money. Don’t fall for it!

Meet the Girls

Ellie Kaylee Amber Bella
Isabella Nessi Adrianna Hailee
Emily Kim Janae Georgia
Mariah Skye Becca Jessie

With so many fakes out there, it can be tough to determine what’s real and what isn’t without a little help. Here are a few things you can look for to check if a company uses real images of real strippers:

  • Do the dancers have pictures together? Surely strippers that work together every weekend should have tons of pictures together.
  • Are there videos that match the pictures? Anyone can copy pictures offline, but video proof is much harder to fake. Video verification is the key.
  • Do their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts look up to date with real and recent photos? If not, they’re fakes.

So, now you have the tools you need to pick the right strippers for your upcoming party in Vegas. All you really need to do is check out a few pictures of our sexy girls and call to book the ones you can’t wait to meet!

Party Packages

Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only company in town owned and operated by strippers. We’re the only company that uses real pictures of our girls. That’s why our parties are always the best in Vegas – contact us now!

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